MidoriCon is a home and host to Creators of all kinds.

Are you an artist? Show us your work. Are you a performer? Show off your talent. Does your knowledge flow through you like a raging river? (A babbling brook will also do! ;D ) Tell us all about it.

MidoriCon exists to foster your gifts, grow your skills, and help you share with the world. If you have a skill, talent, or wealth of information that you'd like to share, we're interested in hearing from you.

Opulent. Artisan. Original.

Artist Alcove

MidoriCon is committed to an artisan spirit - we're just as independent as you are. The retreat's staff is filled to the brim with artists, professional and aspiring, and we want to support creators first and foremost. Our entire exhibition area is solely devoted to artists' selling their works. Attendees can be sure that they're getting quality pieces straight from the source, perhaps even commission something one of a kind! No bootleg merch here, folks, just the best fandom arts that we can find.

Submissions this year are closed!

If you are an artist that submitted, please check your email for your acceptance status.

Check out MidoriCon's Artist Alcove Policy for what to expect over the weekend.

Skilled. Humble. Worthy.

Bard Badges

Talented Performers, Cosplay Mastercrafters, and Mysterious Marauders, here's your chance to shine. We've partnered with many talented folks in years past, but lacked a particular category for the creative drive that MidoriCon tends to draw to itself. Not quite an industry guest, but you're looking to build your name? From DJs to drag queens, koto players to LARPing hosts, podcasters to martial artists, we want to know you, love you, and give you a platform to really strut your stuff!

Have skills and knowledge you're interested in sharing?

Submission closed July 1st! Keep an eye out on our socials for our bard announcements!

Check out MidoriCon's Bard Badge Compensation Policy for what to expect over the weekend.

Knowledgeable. Engaging. Excellent.

Presenting Panelists

Attendees can expect a combination of our unique outdoor events and classic indoor programming. MidoriCon looks for panelists that are engaging, considerate, and patient while telling others about subjects that they have deep knowledge and passion, leading to increased connections in the community. We try our best to curate the most interactive experience possible.

Think you're qualified to be a panelist?

Submissions closed July 1st! Keep an eye out on our socials for announcements about our panelists!

Check out MidoriCon's Panelist Compensation Policy for what to expect over the weekend.

Feel free to share any other dreams at our contact email. We're always happy to talk about collaborating.