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Our Approach

MidoriCon's mission is to inspire our attendees to recognize the heroism inside themselves.

Opportunities for bravery abound, inspired by fandoms you love: chilling events, competitive adventures, new things to learn or teach, even taking the chance to talk to new folks - everybody has their own level of experience to grow from, and we’re here for you.

We want you to feel like you belong. We believe you have untold power inside you, and want you to uniquely enjoy some of your fandoms. We want everyone who participates in MidoriCon to realize that they have the ability to change their own world and do things they’ve never done before. We’ll even provide you with fun, eco-friendly ways to really help save the planet.

Our Story

We want you to make friends.

Our world is better enjoyed together. No matter what fandom you enjoy, there are connections to be made, super teams to be built, and good times to share. You’ll get out of any convention what you put into it, but we hope to make it easier than most to participate in unique experiences with others. We try to put on events that involve a lot of people playing at once - Live Action Mario Kart is much more than a few people racing each other, for instance - and we prefer to host boardgames instead of video games because of the interaction you get with others when playing face to face. One of MidoriCon’s goals is to make connections - to our environment, passions for fandom, and to each other.

In fact, the guests that you’ll see us bringing in are those that are willing to interact personally with our attendees or are up-and-coming talents that we want to support and share with you. We strive to find down to earth talent that loves being at our convention as much as the rest of us do. As artists and performers ourselves, we find kinship in a lot of the guests we build relationships with and we hope that you do too.


Tried and True

We've been around since 2012 and have collaborated with multiple state parks and their lodges to bring you unique event programming each year.



We embrace our nomadic nature wholeheartedly, looking forward each year to tailoring your experience to the surroundings of the venue.



Because we work with the environments, allowing their strengths to shine, we can provide fresh fun each year while supporting the conservation efforts of the parks.



In the same way, we hope to bring resources and programming to our attendees that aid them in growing their own strengths and talents.

MidoriCon is all about using our nerdy passions to grow a better you and a better world around you!

Get ready to level up with us!

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