Undeniable Teamwork

Volunteers are an integral part of MidoriCon's friendly spirit. By joining our volunteer crew, you gain access to an entire world that others will never know. We empower you to aid in making the event extra special for regular attendees.

Making the Dreamwork

Cliche, we know, but the MidoriCon dream isn't possible without people with a open and willing attitude. You'd be amazed at the friendships you make just while filling water balloons or setting up for the bonfire. We're all stronger together, and always looking for new members to add to the team

Work Feels a Lot Like Play

You'd be amazed how many of our positions fall into that fine line in events that just feels like a great time. Are you a high energy person that would love to be a Mario Kart banana? Or perhaps want some time to soak up panel knowledge as you badge check? We have positions of all kinds.

Want to Join the Midori-Crew?

Volunteer submissions are open!

Check out MidoriCon's Rules and Membership Policies for what to expect over the weekend.