Just like before, attendees can expect a combination of our unique outdoor events and classic indoor programming. MidoriCon is pushing our roots even further into the soil of relaxation and community this year, curating the best interactive experience possible.

Think you're qualified to be a panelist? Programming Submissions close July 1st. If you have a skill, talent, or wealth of information that you'd like to share, we're interested in hearing from you.

Engaging. Open. Skylit.

Outdoor Programming

Here's where our partnership with our venue really shines. Interactive events tailor-made for attendees to get some heroic action, just like their favorite characters.

Want to collaborate with us as we reach for the heavens? Event Submission closes July 1st!


Suikawari SMASH!

The tradition lives on in this Japanese beach game of blindfolded fun!

We bring the 'melons, you bring yourself.


How do you SMASH?

  • Don your blindfold
  • Spin yourself dizzy
  • Listen to the directions of your fellow beach buds
  • Salt and enjoy your tasty snack! Feel free to share! 😉

Waterbending: Balloon Style!

Team Style Water Balloon Battles!

Trust us, the Fire Nation WILL attack!


Gotta Catch 'Em Balloonémon

Teams of two - one trainer, one Pokémon starter - will test their tossing agility in this game! Can you catch them all?


DragonBall Volleyball

It's exactly what it sounds like!



What is a MidoriCon without a little storytime by firelight?

Grab yourself a s'more kit and let's get toasting!


There's S'more Where that Came from!

As our schedule finalizes in the next few months, check back for more updates!