Bard Badge Compensation Policy

In order to receive one fully compensated bard badge, you must be approved for 4 points total of engaging performance programming. You have the option of applying for a combination of indoor, outdoor, and Special Event collaboration.

Performances are set into a point system at MidoriCon.

  • Standard 30 minute Indoor performance - 1
  • Standard 30 minute Outdoor Performance - 1
  • Special Event Performance inclusion - 2

For example, let’s say you’re an acoustic guitar player and tell us that you have the flexibility to play indoor, outdoor, and have a preference to play some Mario Kart pieces at our Mario Kart Tournament. If you’re approved to perform once on Friday morning (1 point), once on Saturday (1 point), and once at the Mario Kart Tournament (2 points), you’ve earned yourself a free badge!

Please note that Special Event Performances aren't mandatory to receive your badge compensation - they're just worth extra points. They're a fast track to success!

Group Compensation & Earning Multiple Badges

If there's a group of 5 of you in your troupe, you will still only be compensated for one badge in the hypothetical above. However, keep in mind that your group will receive a compensated badge for every additional approved performance to follow. So:

  • 4 points = 1 badge
  • 5 points = 2 badges
  • 6 points = 3 badges
  • And so on. 😉

Do keep in mind that we compensate badges in cash for the original price you paid after you've fulfilled your hours. It's essentially a refund. So you're also free to just split the cash!


Claiming Your Refund

Please follow these instructions to guarantee your rightful badge compensation:

  • Register and pay for a MidoriCon badge for all members performing. No badges mean no admittance to convention spaces!
  • Check in with the registration and info desks upon your arrival at the con for instruction.
  • Be at the designated location for your performance 15 minutes early. You’ll need to sign in for each performance with an attending MidoriCon staff member.
  • Once your hours are fulfilled and documented by our staff, please notify the registration table or info desk during their designated hours to receive your badge reimbursement. We end all performances an hour before our registration table and info desks close on Sunday, so every panelist who has fulfilled their requirements will be refunded.
  • All bards must conduct themselves within the limits of MidoriCon’s Rules and Membership Policies. A little kindness and respect go a long way!

If you’re ready for us, we’re ready for you!

Now that you know what to expect, roll up your sleeves and apply!