Cosplay Policy

Cosplay Conditions:

  1. Keep all cosplay props/weapons either handcrafted, and/or totally harmless to you and surrounding attendees. All weapon props must be approved by Weapons Check upon registration. No real knives, firearms, whips, chains, leashes. Airsoft projectile weapons MUST be kept for outside use only, and will be prohibited indoors.
  2. There will be children present. No public nudity or serious public displays of in (or out) of character affection. Light fanservice? As long as it's consensual, is totally okay. Cover. That. Bathing. Suit. Area. And for your own sake, if you're in spandex, we highly encourage dance belts.
  3. We encourage cosplay of ALL kinds, from all anime, games, fandoms, references to pop culture. Original concepts? Absolutely. The only conditions we have in this regard is when participating in the pre-judged portions of our Cosplay Runway.
  4. If anything is found seriously offensive, dangerous, or otherwise in violation of our cosplay conditions, you will be asked to remove it in the privacy of your own room. MidoriCon's Staff has final say, and we ask you to respect that.