Just like before, attendees can expect a combination of our unique outdoor events and classic indoor programming. MidoriCon is pushing our roots even further into the soil of relaxation and community this year, curating the best interactive experience possible.

Think you're qualified to be a panelist? Programming Submissions open March 1st. If you have a skill, talent, or wealth of information that you'd like to share, we're interested in hearing from you.

Engaging. Open. Skylit.

Outdoor Programming

Here's where our partnership with our venue really shines. Interactive events tailor-made for attendees to get some heroic action, just like their favorite characters.

Want to collaborate with us as we reach for the heavens? Event Submission opens March 1st, but feel free to give us a heads up at our contact email.

Creative. Intelligent. Inside.

Indoor Programming

Guest interactions, Cosplay tutorials, Board Game Areas, and much, much more.

Have skills and knowledge you're interested in sharing? Panel Submission opens March 1st, but feel free to give us a heads up at our contact email.

Unique. Interactive. MidoriMade.

Special Events

Bringing fandom to life is MidoriCon's staff challenge to themselves. Borne of that desire, these events have a high engagement level, artisan propmakers' touches, and a hope of providing a one of a kind experience to attendees.

Interested in helping run one of these events? Or perhaps you've had a fandom of your own that you have an idea of how to bring to life? Volunteer Submission opens March 1st, or feel free to share your dream at our contact email. We're always happy to talk about collaborating.