MidoriCon welcomes Ironwood Wolves as our first phenomenal guest announcement of the year!!
We're so excited to partner with these incredible ambassador animals - Throughout human history, wolves have been feared, hated, and misunderstood. Ironwood's mission is to dispel the myths and reveal the facts on these fascinating creatures. Wolves are are intelligent, affectionate, family-oriented, and as an apex predator they are also essential to our ecosystem!
In keeping with MidoriCon's values of giving back to our environment we love their goal to, "teach through positive experiences with our animals in educational lectures and creative collaborations."
Ironwood Wolves will be gracing us with not only wolf friends, but fox friends, as well, giving talks on their place in mythology and the world at large.
Their wolves and foxes are incredible examples of the beauty and wonder in the world we live. "Our ambassador animals have been featured in countless creative classes, photo shoots, local films, commercials, and music videos." (2)
Come meet your spirit animals and get yourself a photo with these marvelous legends!
MidoriCon Staff
Source - 6/10/19
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