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We're here to give you everything you've ever dreamed out of a convention. We have the indoor space to facilitate your ideas, and when that fails, the hundreds of acres of forest and crystal clear water! If it's safe, falls in line with our ideals as a convention (promotes togetherness, adventure, fandom-inspired fun and respect for our green earth), then we'll see if we can't help you make it happen.


Get creative! Have you ever had any sort of game or activity you've needed large participation for, but could never quite get anyone together? 

What Cannot Give You:
  • Supplies: We won't be responsible for purchasing or transporting any supplies you'll require to make your event possible, we will only facilitate you.
  • Enough Overseeing Volunteers: We will assign volunteers to help oversee everyone's safety and to reinforce badge checks and measures of that nature. However, volunteers will not be assigned to help you set up, clean up, explain, and/or guide participants, and will only do so if we have enough manpower to spare. It will be up to you and your friends to organize and orchestrate your event in its entirety!
  • Permission to Share/Sell/Otherwise Distribute Food Inside Lodge. We can discuss these details if your event involves anything that will be consumed, but in this case, it must be outdoors.
We CAN Give You:
  • Compensated Badges: That's right, we'll discuss badge compensation! Our general rule is 4 hours of programming = 1 free badge, then 1 additional badge for every hour to follow. Where full-scale events are concerned, this formula doesn't always apply, as the time planning this event, the manpower it will take to orchestrate everything, etc., is a lot of effort. We will negotiate badge compensation for you and those in your group when you submit the form below.
  • Website & Printed Material Promotion: We want to promote your awesome event, get attendees excited, and help you make it a success!

To make it happen, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

Welcome to Night Vale - Interns United

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Hello, Night Vale.

Midoricon will be hosting an intern-run program to be broadcast across the grounds on Saturday evening. It's always gratifying to be able to give our young talents the opportunity to share their voices with our community, don't you think? Sponsored by Coca-cola and Hiram McDaniels, who is literally a five-headed dragon, this live event will provide a forum for readings of interns' original broadcasts, excerpts from interns' favorite past recordings of Welcome to Night Vale, and chants for the fertility of our imaginary corn crop this year.

And now, the Weather.

Wouldn't you know it, interns can be quite multi-talented! It wasn't until our last encounter with the hooded figures when we discovered that our intern Brad could really hold a tune! He held it for six straight days, took a breather last Thursday, and has been holding it ever since. That's the last time we send him out for Jerry's Tacos. If you can sing, coax melodies from inanimate objects, or make music that makes some semblance of sense, we won't send you out for tacos, but we will report you to the Sheriff's Secret Police. A blue helicopter will come for you. Perhaps you will be chosen to perform inside of Midoricon's bloodstone circle.

Participating interns for both broadcast reading and the weather will be entered in a drawing to win art print posters designed by Midoricon's graphic artists and stared at by Old Woman Josie as she asked the angels to bless them.

Would you like to be a Night Vale intern? Are you interested in speaking into the void? Will you remember that your life is forfeit for the service of your community as voracious hell-beasts attempt to devour you after springing from a tear in time and space? You hope we're just joking about that last one, you dear, dear soldier. If you're ready to sign your life over to our great city, enter your information below. The Secret Police will be with you shortly.

Perhaps you'd like to perform during the weather. Of course you'd like to perform with us during the weather. Everyone wants to perform with us during the weather. Howl your melodies into the night sky for the clearest submission for government satellites. If that fails, fill out the form below.

Each intern reading or musical performance will have at most 5 minutes to perform on stage. Share and share a mic, as we always say. It's sure better than sharing your kidneys, unless you're into that sort of thing.

Until September, goodnight, Night Vale. Goodnight. 

*This is a interactive, fan based event. Audience participation and intern sign ups to perform are greatly encouraged. We want you. Leave your double in Desert Bluffs, please.

Blood Drive

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On Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM, we'll be hosting our second annual Blood Drive! If you will be over the age of 17, in good health and are willing to support your family and friends, then submit your information below!

Even if you are not sure you will be able to donate due to iron or other medical conditions, sign up and the American Red Cross will be able to tell you at the drive, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we might be able to answer your question.

Midoricon's Got Talent

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Welcome to Midoricon's Got Talent 2015!

This is no small event; everyone who makes it through the audition stage will do a walk on introduction, perform their talent in front of a live audience at the ampitheater at Midoricon, and you will be competing not just for prizes, but the title of Midoricon 2015's Superstar (That is an official title).

You will be judged by 3 to 5 judges, of which will be handpicked by Midoricon and Ryzen Xia of Reckless Crew to certify they are qualified to do so.

Being a competition, you will not be the only one who wants to win, SO DON'T HOLD BACK AND DO YOUR BEST. You are NOT obligated to perform the specific talent you performed in the audition video, but you are obligated to perform a talent within the same category. (I.e. - If you make it through dancing to a kpop song, you may NOT enter at Midoricon doing acrobatics or just singing. Dancing is the main talent you must portray).

If you decide to change it up on me, I MUST KNOW, at the latest, a day before Midoricon. There will also be photographers and videographers scheduled to attend, so media of your performance WILL BE GUARANTEED. That still doesn't mean you shouldn't ask your friends to whip out their own gear. You all work hard for your talent, you deserve to have record of it. All audition tapes will not be seen by ANYONE but staff of the Midoricon's Got Talent show. If you want to get a head start and start making your audition tape now, you must do the following to qualify:

1) In your audition tape, please mention/note your real name AND YOUR FACEBOOK NAME so when you audition I know exactly who I am looking for. If there is a song, please name the SONG AND ARTIST as if the audio gets cut out, I can still look it up.

2) Specify what your talent is and perform your talent.

3) Audition tapes may not be any longer than 5 minutes.

4) Please like and subscribe to both (This is where footage will be uploaded after the convention.)

5) Whether on facebook, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please send me the link to your audition video with any notes that I need (Like everything listed in Number 1).

6) HAVE FUN, in the end this is a friendly competition and there should be nothing but good vibes! Good luck everyone! If there are any further questions, don't hesitate to message me and ask!

You are also free to sign up at the convention, and there will be a sign up sheet at the Information Desk!
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