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We're here to give you everything you've ever dreamed out of a convention. We have the indoor space to facilitate your ideas, and when that fails, the hundreds of acres of forest and crystal clear water! If it's safe, falls in line with our ideals as a convention (promotes togetherness, adventure, fandom-inspired fun and respect for our green earth), then we'll see if we can't help you make it happen.


Get creative! Have you ever had any sort of game or activity you've needed large participation for, but could never quite get anyone together? 

What Cannot Give You:
  • Supplies: We won't be responsible for purchasing or transporting any supplies you'll require to make your event possible, we will only facilitate you.
  • Enough Overseeing Volunteers: We will assign volunteers to help oversee everyone's safety and to reinforce badge checks and measures of that nature. However, volunteers will not be assigned to help you set up, clean up, explain, and/or guide participants, and will only do so if we have enough manpower to spare. It will be up to you and your friends to organize and orchestrate your event in its entirety!
  • Permission to Share/Sell/Otherwise Distribute Food Inside Lodge. We can discuss these details if your event involves anything that will be consumed, but in this case, it must be outdoors.
We CAN Give You:
  • Compensated Badges: That's right, we'll discuss badge compensation! Our general rule is 4 hours of programming = 1 free badge, then 1 additional badge for every hour to follow. Where full-scale events are concerned, this formula doesn't always apply, as the time planning this event, the manpower it will take to orchestrate everything, etc., is a lot of effort. We will negotiate badge compensation for you and those in your group when you submit the form below.
  • Website & Printed Material Promotion: We want to promote your awesome event, get attendees excited, and help you make it a success!

To make it happen, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

2016 Event Submission Form

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