Panelist Referral Incentives

Do you take your panels to quite a few different conventions each year? Here’s how you can get free Midoricon badges by spreading the word about us to your audience!

With our Panelist Referral Program, you can get a free badge for yourself, and more for your friends, just by dedicating a brief moment of your panel to spreading the word about our growing convention! Here’s how it works:

  1. Present your panel at other conventions, meet-ups, etc., as usual.

  2. Allot a brief moment at the beginning or end of your panel to let your audience know that they can catch your panel at Midoricon, and should totally come, too!

  3. You have your option of using flyers and/or a slide that we can send you, which you can then integrate with your presentation.

  4. You will be assigned your own unique code when you sign up for the program. This will be your referral code. Be sure to tell everyone to use that referral code when they pre-register so you can be credited.

  5. Once 20 people use your referral code when they pre-register, you’ll get yourself a fully compensated full-weekend badge! Every 20 sign-ups to follow accounts for one badge, and you can earn yourself up to 10. These compensated badges can also be applied for future years at Midoricon if you don’t have extra people to give these badges away to!

Interested? Sign up below and get your unique code!

Panelist Referral Sign-Up

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